Author Topic: This site is bad and nothing would be lost if it were shut down (except addons)  (Read 6663 times)

Idea: remove all boards and restore the Age of Time boards

whats with peopl like the op and donniescatch who preach about the bad le quality of the forums is yet hteyre still on my god damn websitequoted for pageloss
i already got over it when i bought this account

*insert attempt to derail topic via stuffposting irrelevant information here*

threads this aren't going to make anything better as true as some of it may be. but you should also learn that a lot of things you brought up are not worth giving a stuff about and you'll be better off and happier if you don't let that stuff bother you

It's not entirely worth holding the forums to some kind of quality standard. All that does is get you upset and make you seem like a jaded old dude. (I know all about that)
At this point its best if you just take it for what it is and be happy that there's still activity here.

Although I do like the idea of community admins for the forums.

you'll be better off and happier if you don't let that stuff bother you

Pretty much this.

capitalists are ruining this forum

click this:

boom, forum experience improved tenfold

Nah. Let it fizzle out and let whatever small community of people that still exists here ride this place out until it slowly fades.

guys badspot has alzheimers leave him alone

this thread managed to summon badspot, good work

Doublepost: Didn't see thread was moved, my bad