Author Topic: Young Nudy - Pissy Pamper ft Playboi Carti  (Read 1039 times)

soundcloud rap deserves to be in blockland

just put them in your addons/music folder and enjoy

heres a challenge: try to understand what playboi carti is saying without reading the lyrics

how come this has more downloads than hoes mad? makes me wonder if there are guests who dont even know stuff about blockland and are only here to download carti stuff since they get copyrighted on youtube and spotify all the time.
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they tryna be cray, they tryna be cray, she wanna meet caudi, that bitch is a berbie..
..oma fuh thes hos, ima sent tenny, the puh like kid cudi...

we pull out the nine we pull out the pound we pull up with fivei pull up with six ur bitch has sucked my richard