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You've had a nice day hunting deer, but then you run out of ammo. No biggie, you go home to grab some..
But on the way, you run into an AK-47 wielding revenge-hungry deer that has had enough of your stuff.
It doesn't take long for your heartbeat to go from normal to non-existent.
But what if you brought protection?
Introducing, the Hunting VestTM

Made out of Really Tough PlasticTM, this vest blocks 40% of damage from those pesky animals you hunt, including humans!
It unequips when you drop it from your inventory
Blockland Glass
Original script from RTB Swat Vest
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hey maybe i should make a vest too

my vest is the only true vest

urs is bROWN
yeah you know what else is BROWN? delicious CHOCOLATE

hey maybe i should make a vest too
make a lifevest so that we can be saved from your content

i can already taste the trench zombies servers using this

zombies don't taste good