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(Image of the crimescene.)

On June 04, 2019, Tyrone Cheddar, a famous rapper and an even more notorious gang leader was shot dead in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.
He and his friends, Ted Gribbo and Gerbert Gohannson, were having a game of the Basket of Balls. Tyrone was in the lead, but made a fumble, causing the ball to get out of the court.

(An image of the Crunchitos gang member, fleeing the site.)'

While retrieving the ball, a member of the Crunchitos gang drove up, and shot him several times. His injuries were fatal, and he died near the court. The suspect has not been found, but several arrests have been made.

Tyrone Cheddar was a very talented man. He has inspired many, and even though his death may leave some of his fans lost, he will continue to inspire and lead the way
for his humbled admirers.

To commemorate his death, we are hosting a funeral in his honor at Shady Burgers Funeral and Burial Site. If you are coming, please have a suit ready, and your finest manners.

Thank you for your time.

The funeral will be hosted tomorrow, on his birthday. (6/30/2019, 6PM EST.)

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tyrone chEddaar Is  fcuking deAd i  cca;;nt believe thiss

(Sniff) I can't believe hes dead.. my homies dead..

please come in a suit

i'll never forget the day i found him like that...... Horrible

absolutely devastating,,, i wont sleep till they catch that forgeter......

Hey..... the guy that ran over Tyrone is the same guy that kicked my dog!

It was just a simple game of basket ball... i never thought it would end liek this

Hey..... the guy that ran over Tyrone is the same guy that kicked my dog!
please dont make jokes about his death

if you dont go to the funeral you arent a real blocklander

that was me i am the gang member i shot him becaude he ate my sandwich