Author Topic: Is the original TGE source code floating around anywhere?  (Read 403 times)

According to AOT's about page:
The Torque engine is the game engine behind hit game Tribes 2. For $100 anyone can buy the engine and recieve the full source code to modify as they please.

Since TGE is abandonware at this point and re-released as the open source Torque 3D anyway, surely someone must have the original on a crusty old hard drive somewhere.

yeah just show me proof of purchase


but seriously, it's not for sale anymore

Thanks to Datiel, there exists several versions of the SDK

several years back the source code for 1.4 was leaked somewhere i believe zeblote gave this to me
there are some very small differences between this version and the blockland version, not including the stuff that badspot added/changed

1.5.1 is also available which added improved lighting among other things:
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