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~~Welcome to the Farlands Research Facility, home to the greatest scientific advances in Blockland.. Until now.~~


The Farlands Research Facility is located in ██████, ████. It's purpose is to research the unknown Farlands, an area that held 'The Subject', a anomalous entity. It was contained in the facility, but it broke out, and now hell has gone loose.

This build was inspired by the SCP Containment Breach build that The Brighter Dark and his team created.

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It's not actually in the Farlands?

It's not actually in the Farlands?
nope, just a name.

maybe they're just researching about the farlands

maybe they're just researching about the farlands
and maybe the dark inhabitants in the farlands

decided to make these things if people manage to see them via the parking lot. they are frequently seen around area 51. they are presumed to be motion sensors i think

those are for cctv

those are for cctv
good thing it's in the right direction

creating a concept for the renderman containment room
i'm loving these portal windows

some new prints!!! will appear when you get close to da containment chamba

sorry for the big resolution
redesigned entrance
edit: soon there will be more fences

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new office area
edit: also some spooky night images

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