Author Topic: How much money did you spend on this game ?  (Read 3061 times)

10 bucks. No more no less for me.
i actually think i got it during a steam sale but i forgot if i did or not

30, I think I had a non-steam bl account on a mac and then later got the steam version on an actual windows pc, and then I got another non-steam one for dedicated server hosting thing that I never got to hosting with yet. The very first one is lost forever as far as I know.
I also bought 2 steam copies for friends, so that all totals up to $50
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I did an exact instead

$304 on 30 keys
$24.03 on 11 community market items
$328.03 in total

what the forget is wrong with me

Community market items?

Community market items?
probably steam trading cards to get the steam blockland profile bg

0$, people just bought the game for me (steam gift)

$20 for my original key

all my alts were random gifts lol

$5.00 was my estimate when the game was on sale on steam

$30 I think. Got a key when they used to cost $20 and then one when they were reduced to $10.

First key was a gift, second was alt and other was when I got 4 keys for $10 so $20

5 dollah for og

second key was a gift :)

twenty... thousand dollars

actually just twenty dollars

like $5 dollars from both accounts

$20 for my 1 key that i bought before the game was released on steam
i know i bought blocknet hosting for a month or so, not sure about other blockland hosting services
i also donated to a couple servers (tezunis and pecons) so