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Game Mode Add-Ons Importer
Just a small mod I made because I wanted to easily enable the add-ons for a gamemode and some other add-ons along with it.

Click the "Import" button in the custom game GUI to open the importer. Select the gamemode you want to enable add-ons for and click import. If append is checked then it will enable all of the add-ons for that gamemode and keep any additional add-ons enabled. It'll let you know if there are any add-on/music files that you're missing.

(GameMode_Custom is in the list in the picture, but I've fixed that)

Download on Bockland Glass
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i can play dix miggie with addons good

ok then
also, why does it need a whole new blockwindow with a button on the left that looks out of place with both default blockland and any edited blockwindow.png to ever exist

Personally, I think the window fits with the theme of the custom game GUI better than a regular window.
What add-ons do you have making those buttons, so that I can make it work with them.

RTB 4.whatever and some add-on preset mod

Changed the button text.
Now works with System_ReturnToBlockland and Client_addonPresets.

Update should be approved on Blockland Glass soon.