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I was using Bob's Potions as a reference for the most part, but I just wanted to instead of it calling a function to give health back, give energy to function like a mana potion, but when I tested it, nothing happened, it just made the item go away. I'm not really much of a coder but I can understand a tiny bit of it, but can someone just tell me what to do here since I'm loving this up. Lmao

function ManaPotionImage::onFire(%data, %obj, %slot)
   %obj.playThread(0, shiftUp);

   if(isObject(%client = %obj.client))
      %obj.tool[%obj.currTool] = 0;
      messageClient(%client, 'MsgItemPickup', '', %obj.currTool, 0, 1);


addenergy is not a function
Code: [Select]
%obj.setEnergyLevel(%obj.getEnergyLevel() + 50);you can also make it a % to fit datablocks with differing energy amounts
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%obj.setEnergyLevel(%obj.getEnergyLevel() + (%obj.getDatablock().maxEnergy * 0.5));
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Fixed ^
%obj.setEnergyLevel(%obj.getEnergyLevel() + 50)

i swear to god i completely forgot it was a method woops. anyways yeah addenergy isn't a thing