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This is a dump of my old projects that I worked on over the years, mostly between 2013 and 2016. All of it is unpublished code that I either never got around to finishing or didn't see a reason to release. Here it all is:

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# QuickAdmin
- Found in: Server_QuickAdmin
- March 3, 2014
- Completion: ~90%
- Adds a suite of 'convenient' new commands, mostly geared towards moderating a server. Includes a farlands command, several "shortcut" admin commands, and a re-worked timescale command. The timescale command is most likely broken due to an update to the game that changes how timescale is handled.

# TeleportMe
- Found in: System_TeleportMe
- May 1, 2014
- Completion: ~30%, not functional
- Was planned to be a system where players could request to teleport to each other, with prompts and permissions similar to the trust system.

# Tool Equip Animation
- Found in: Server_EquipAnim
- May 17, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- An experimental server mod that "animates" a player's arm whenever equipping a tool.

# Tell Time
- Found in: Server_TellTime
- May 25, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- Small script that tells players the time when joining. Not sure what purpose I used this for.

# Jump Control
- Found in: Server_JumpControl (v1)
- August 2, 2014
- Completion: N/A
- A set of commands that configure how jumping works in-game. I was originally attempting an 'underwater' system where you could swim in the air. The code behind this later became the foundation for my Flappy Bird game-mode:

# Spellcasting Mod
- Found in: Server_Spellcasting - Old
- August 7, 2014
- Completion: ~60%
- A server mod that adds spell-casting commands. Inspired by the PointShop add-on for Garry's Mod, but with magical spells. Players collect points for spending time on the server and can use them to cast spells using commands. I briefly collaborated with Aoki on this project. There are probably a couple newer versions floating around, but this is the one I had on hand.

# Player Teleporting
- Found in: Server_Player_Teleporting
- September 7, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- Adds a Minecraft-inspired teleporting server command ('/tp PlayerA PlayerB')

# Anti Fetch All
- January 1, 2015
- Found in: Server_Anti_Fetch_All
- Completion: ~90%
- Blocks the "fetch all" client mod, never released due to having little use.

# Add-On Archive Checker
- January 18, 2015
- Found in: Server_CheckAddon
- Completion: ~10%
- Designed for an "archive" server idea I was experimenting with. Adds a command that checks the name of an add-on and, if it exists, returns a download link for the add-on. The folder that it links to has since been removed.
- If you're looking for something similar to this, check out Kenko's add-on archive:

# Anti Rapid Activate
- April 7, 2015
- Found in: Server_Anti_Rapid_Activate
- Completion: ~100%
- Adds a limit for /activateStuff to block rapid-clicking clients and autoclickers. Wrote around the same time as Anti Rapid Fire and Anti Fetch All, never released it because it was "hacky" and I didn't see anyone getting use out of it.

# Infinite Environment Water
- Found in: Server_Env_InfiniteWater
- August 7, 2015
- Completion: ~80%
- Adds a command that makes the environment water go up extremely high. Has an unfinished interface button. Wrote this as a request from a friend.

# Brick Finder
- November 15, 2015
- Found in: Script_Find_Brick
- Completion: ~100%
- Adds a command that teleports the user to a brick with a certain owner, color, and FX on it. I recall writing this for a specific purpose but I have no idea what for at this point.

# Add-on Loading Timer
- June 12, 2016
- Found in: Client_Loading_Timer
- Completion: Unknown
- Designed to test and record how long it takes to load each client add-on. I have no idea if this is at all functional.

# Impact GUI Edit
- June 26, 2016
- Found in: Client_Impact_Gui
- Completion: N/A
- An edit of the add-on selection GUI that makes the add-on list smaller. Never released because I didn't finish it and, even in its current state, had tons of bugs and compatibility issues.

# Player Logger
- 2014 - June 27, 2016
- Found in:
- Completion: ~80%
- A client-sided add-on that logs the names, Blockland IDs, and name history of each player that you encounter in-game. My original plan was to turn this into an alternative to the Return to Blockland ID lookup after RTB shut down. I attempted to include a playtime logger but was unsuccessful in completing it.

- I have also included my own ID logger history folders, containing info on over three thousand Blockland players. It can be found in the (2014; OLD FORMAT), (2015-2016), and (2018-2019) files. Check it out and see if you're in there!

# Joystick Mod
- 2015 - Around June 27, 2016
- Found in:
- Completion: 60%
- An attempt to add controller support to Blockland, including building and partial support for the game's interface. Written entirely in TorqueScript. This mod makes it possible to play through the entire tutorial using only a (compatible) controller. Yes, even the parts where you build and change brick properties. I included most of my notes in the README file in the repository.

# CakeBot
- 2013 - July 30, 2016
- Found in: Client_CakeBot
- Completion: N/A
- One of my earliest major Blockland scripting projects, my own personal chat bot. Shares the name CakeBot with my first ever Discord bot. The bot has a host of commands, games, and other functions. It has a timed announcer, a dictionary system, a (broken) auto-miner for Unlimited Mining servers, and more. The list of commands can be found in guide.txt inside the add-on folder.

- To discourage abuse, I have redacted parts of the code that handle sending messages in chat. Please only attempt to use in your own server, or with explicit permission from hosts.

# CityRPG Plus
- Found in: Server_CityRPGPlus
- August 8, 2018
- Completion: N/A
- A server mod that adds a few small tweaks to CityRPG. Wrote this for a friend that was hosting a CityRPG at the time. At the time of writing, I am attempting to revive this project here:

I hope that someone finds at least a little use or entertainment out of something in here. Feel free to use anything here for your own purposes.

You can find more of my work both in and outside of Blockland on my GitHub profile and my development Discord.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll join me for my next project:

Wonder if blockland joystick has auto aim

Nope. It can't really without a DLL.

Nope. It can't really without a DLL.
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