Author Topic: what's your favorite game mode?  (Read 442 times)

my fav is survival, but i also like freebuild and cart racing.

even dumb ones can be fun if you can rake in some good kills

jorgur's epic dogfight (epic)
rescue the princess (by kobble), it's simple, fun, easy to learn, but kinda boring with only 4 maps and without a modified gamemode.txt that adds item_shield or weapon_swordblock
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Despair Fever, Randomizer, Community RP, some TDM's

farming, prison break :^)

gamefandans monster rpg, most tdms, block party, boss battles, anything by tbd, anything by tbp.

the factorio gamemode conan's now beginning to work on

TDMs, jailbreaks that don't mimic GMod's, Gamefandan's RPG, Despair Fever/Syndrome, Infection, deathruns, ZAPT and The Thing. Deception, mystery and a vague sense of teamwork are what I enjoy the most, I suppose.