Author Topic: Playboi Carti - Molly + Reverb  (Read 438 times)

this one is easier to decode compared to pissy pampers

look at these diamonds i enchanted yuh
big tiddy bih in flatland
baby mini diamonds i dischanted
i just called an viane
i dont get a stylish
imma place some pots
looking so impractice
you don't forget with romanic
heavy maybe im on pills
i just forgeted a pintful
eight seven in your feels
yes i got this bitch i know that aint real
im spending my money and getting some pills
eliminate the bitch with a bitch
imma lose the bitch
can a bitch ever need a bitch

also including a reverb (but not slowed) version perfect for interior ambient
for a better gaming experience update Blockland's audio driver
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me listening to carti leaks in my rainbow flying jeep