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It's only bug fixes from here on out
We were better off keeping interior and terrain

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I will start this post with a quote from Kompressor

"The Blockland community is a big part of what has made Blockland successful - we want your feedback."

Taken from Shadows and Shaders vs Interiors and Terrain Topic

So, let's take a look at it and have an evaluation. Starting with the bad.

Why do you think Ephialtes quit?

Quote from Ephi "Honestly I expected game development to be taken a bit more seriously"

Quote from Ephi "I got bored of putting more effort into the game than the guys who make it"

Quote from Ephi "I offered to develop community features and services for free as an official part of Blockland but there wasn't much interest or follow-up on that."

Even when a dedicated and sophisticated member such as Ephialtes offers to create default game content, he gets turned down. Did I mention he was gonna do it FOR FREE?

Also, the "hats" that everybodys hoping for probably aren't happenening, considering it was over a year ago (LOL 5 YEARS NOW)

No new content. Just fixes.

Quote from Kompressor "Interiors and terrain are killing forward progress in Blockland development"

^Uhh. What development? The only thing I really see are a few small fixes, and a brick-making tool that has already been out-done by another forum member. Oh, and the Environment. Do some math. That's 1 small thing a year

Quote from Kompressor "We can't afford to not put out updates for 18 months while we rewrite everything"

Oh, really? And what have you been doing for the past year and a half?

Working on a hatpack thats bigger than buying a copy of unity?  :cookieMonster:

Quote from Kompressor "Vehicle collision fixes - we want to fix this"

^Then what the forget are you waiting for? You said this stuff back in FEBUARY OF 2012

You know, when the Halloween bricks were released that one year I was pretty happy.

Should try some stuff like that.

Now, let's look at the good stuff (new stuff since v21, not counting minor fixes)

.BLB tool
Sports Items (Balls)
Bot Holes [Replaced Amade's bot events]
Brick and Ghost Limit increase

4 good things in 3 years
Tons of underrated bug fixes that were awesome
Also, the patch for BLHACK.dll don't count. That was a necessity.

I think I need help with this section.
Feel free to add stuff, I'll add to OP If it's worth adding.

Also, all of the minor bug fixes apply to this catagory.

And before you say something like "Is this a 'blockland is dying post?'", it isn't.
I love this game and many things about it, but I hate it when lackluster development derives new players from playing, current players from being motivated, or long-time well-known substantial figures to quit the game completely. *Glances at Ephis grave

Now, discuss your satisfaction of development. Vote in the poll too please.

a perfect example of developmental expansion can be found in this quote (Which is also too old to "quote")

Posted by Crystalwarrior Aug 08 15
The only updates I really would love are those that expand the game's limitations, even a little.
Something like increased amount of image slots would be a massive thing for developers but I'm not sure if it will ever be done.
Vehicle physics glitching into bricks is a massive issue as well, and it makes the karting gamemode virtually unplayable for me.
I would also love full .ifl support (the thing that players use for decals and faces), it seems to work perfectly and I even got it to work with my models but .ifl's are not even networked correctly if they're custom. This means we can't have custom models with decals/animated decals on them.

Wow, I was right in 2015. Same stuff, less players.

I've played this game that I bought nearly half my life ago, and have continued to play off and on. I've met a lot of cool people and have a lot of good memories to cherish because of it. Complaining that it wasn't enough enough now because development slowed down after all these years would be insane.
Sooner or later you're going to have to move on, this is true of nearly everything you will come to experience. You're probably in for rough seas ahead if it's this hard to move on from an online block building game.

I am incredibly grateful to Badspot for making this game that's had such an impact on me over many years, that I only had to pay $20 for.

But on the other hand, it would be nice to at least see some of the small, easy to fix things done. Not that's it's owed to me in any way, but perhaps for any newer people.
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 bro blockland is done with, save for the occasional bugfixes

I'd still like to see this game brought over to Torque 3D

I'd still like to see this game brought over to Torque 3D
Indeed. I am sometimes following Torque 3D’s development and they are making v4.0 now. Haven’t checked out what is new in there.

Would love to see more updates or any bigger developments then just bug fixes, but i also feel that i got a lot out of this game already.
I think people invested a lot of time and effort in this game and they do not want to lose that investment by the game eventually not being supported anymore.
Signs of a good game, if people are so invested in it. But also makes the letting go all the more harder for everyone.

Overall, we should be glad we got what we had and hope we get something similar in the future which can take over this massive block shaped hole in our hearts.

I'd still like to see this game brought over to Torque 3D

How much is a license?

I feel like Torque 3D has been around for a while though, relatively speaking, and we’ve never heard anything about any interest in moving the game over to a new engine. Probably because the version Badspot uses is heavily edited/tailor-made at this point.

How much is a license?

I feel like Torque 3D has been around for a while though, relatively speaking, and we’ve never heard anything about any interest in moving the game over to a new engine. Probably because the version Badspot uses is heavily edited/tailor-made at this point.
I know the engine is free now, but i'm not sure about licensing though...

I think there has been discussion, though no official word, about moving the game to a newer engine, and it did pretty much boil down to it being too difficult and no want or drive to port Blockland's systems to a newer engine

Which sucks, but it's still something i would like to see anyway

Seeing the rendering optimization that CompMix was working being implemented would be great, especially with how that occlusion culling worked.

I paid 20 bucks to enjoy this game which helped me through hard times and helped me gain quite a few good friends, although most of them are and such. It'd be crazy for me to complain about this game passing on, - this game has put an incredible bounty waiting for anyone to claim by making a spiritual successor in the form of building game which builds off of this.

Quite simply, wishing for this game to stay alive for as long as you want it to is futile. Everything comes. Everything goes. Everything eventually has a time where you'll never see it again, even if it's your greatest wish to do so. Your greatest bet is to follow another project following after Blockland but not exactly Blockland - Brickadia, Bricktrosity, and stuff like that - which wish to continue the spirit of this game but carry on the collective wish of this game's players to have it actively updated with new features.

I think Blockland can't be saved. It's legacy though, can be carried on through spiritual successors like Brickadia and Block Party. Let's hope those games don't make the same mistakes Blockland did.

i dont think this game needs saving. if its good enough it will persist.

as for kompressors post about “cant do nothing for 18 months” you have to realize he meant financially. it must have been clear after steam release that the financial situation/income didnt improve significantly post-green light to justify/motivate further intensive development, so nothing significant happened

-heartfelt snip-
Well said. :')

Seems everyone here has something nice and decently positive to say. I'm honestly blown away at the lack of hate I got here vs what I expected from this community. Thank you guys.

To be honest i'm just glad that a game like Blockland thats been around since 2007 is still alive through its community.