Author Topic: Whatís the worst and also the best colorset that youíve seen?  (Read 751 times)

Woah, when did people start considering Truenos's Colorset to be bad? Years ago that was pretty popular and considered one of the best.
years ago we didn't have anything better than Truenos lol, it just sucked the least

Nowadays with the Architectual colorsets, Truenos is pretty stuff. Brownscale is ass, greys are weirdly not grey (some have slight tinge of brown), colors cause eye cancer cus they're too forgetin bright, etc

There was an MLP colorset somebody made a few years ago
looks more like a pastel colorset tbh

sike architectural revised v2 by flavouredgames
still my colors noob

ive only ever really used my own colorsets since like 2013 but honorable mentions are emilís and ANTís colorset but he hasnt publicly released it

i've been using big brother's colorset for a while, it's pretty neat