Author Topic: decided to shut the forget up (it's ded)  (Read 934 times)

i remember seeing it a while back and it's been posted on blf a few times, so i go back to see it and its ded :(  im not surprised but im kinda bummed regardless


never heard of this lol

yeah it's been dead for years

shut the forget up
no u

yeah it's been dead for years
time really flies tho wtf
i think it was in my junior year of high school that i remember seeing a post about it, and that was 4-5 years ago

is anyone gonna explain what the forget this site is

it was a joke site created by zapk after a post by badspot:

Is there an ?

i don't remember the content of it and the wayback machine doesn't work because his host apparently blocked the wayback crawler. i just vaguely remember it using bootstrap.
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