Author Topic: Just go free-to-play already.  (Read 1996 times)

People are more cautious buying an indie game than call of duty especially if they think its a Minecraft clone.

I see no problem with f2p
Even if it went F2P, how would the master server be afforded.

Even if it went F2P, how would the master server be afforded.
How much do you think it costs to run? How much do you think Badspot is making from people buying Blockland now?

i think we do not need free to play sorry

i think we do not need free to play sorry
Why not? Theres like 10 people online every day.

F2P is a sign of defeat. It only worked well for TF2.

F2P is not a good idea for blockland

Its either F2P or the game dies by the end of the year.

If Blockland went F2P, then Badspot wouldn't even be earning a cent from this game, not even from alts, and he's threatened the forums for barely breaking even, so if he made the game free with no surefire way to continue making money from it, then he probably would just shut everything down at that point

I wouldn't be opposed to being able to buy hats or chest decals or faces.

that would require additional development time, and badspot isnt interested in working on this at all beyond simple bugfixes. be a bit realistic here.

Then we'd make some. If Blockland costed as much to host back in its prime, then Badspot is losing money in the current time. He could just sell the master server, he could just do cosmetic micros, but he has gone off the radar. No YouTube video in 2 years, hops on the forums every blue moon, doesn't care about the game that thousands of people love.

yeah so why do you expect any of it happen? if the creator himself abandoned the game without handing off control to anyone else, all of this is just wishful thinking.

also torque is a pretty unrestricted engine as it is and any sort of attempt to restrict purchaseable hats would probably result in people finding workarounds to get the hats for free.

the only way to prevent people from making their own cosmetics for free would be to remove/restrict add-on support altogether, which is the only thing keeping blockland semi-active in the first place
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