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title. Its obvious nobody is going to buy this game anymore, and despite it being a pretty good game, nobody is gonna buy it over playing a F2P like Roblox or playing Minecraft. Community is holding together by a thousandth of an inch size thread. Badspot should give ownership away as he has made it clear he wants this game to die.

I'm pretty sure the community wouldn't want 500 BlockoCoin™ to buy addons a week after BL would go F2P

remember the last thread we had

it went a bit like "alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts alts"

That's not even the problem is this game is boring because nobody makes fun servers anymore. If we went to f2p are you saying you want to send the influx of new users into some rp or boss battles this game bleeds users because nobody hosts interesting stuff anymore and that's the truth. I open the server browser and I literally see the same game modes I've been playing for 6+ years. They don't reinvent anything they just hope their pretty building can hold together the lack of fun and rewarding gameplay. Why would someone want to go back to this game when all there is to go back do is the same thing they've been playing forever and gotten tired of. This was fine years ago when we had so many new and creative servers popping up in addition to the recycled game modes. I used to be able to weekly open the server browser and see something new at the top. Who else remembers when cucumberdude first made murder mystery and that was awesome. But that was also 7+ years ago and we can't play the same gamemodes with not enough meaningful game play changes. The problem is that all the talented builders have to be their own project leads and end up creating subpar gamemodes that fade from the server browser fast because they aren't fun.

TL;DR If we went f2p or somehow gained a large number of users what gamemodes are they going to play to keep them entertained. Freebuild, speed kart and boss battles don't cut it. Nothing new and creative is being made anymore because all the creative hosts got bored.

But don't worry freeze tag is coming :).

But don't worry freeze tag is coming :).
don't worry i'm already worried of the lack of administration we got

The game has been steadily declining alongside the pricetag. The prices is as low as ever and so is the playercount. Free to play will not solve anything

F2P with purchasable Blockland Gold MembershipTM

hmmmmmmmmm hmmm today i will buy blockland

Honestly I don't see harm or benefit at all if it went F2P, it just would mean a bunch of people would play and prob uninstall it afterwards, or possibly a small portion of people give it a chance, honestly its hard to say. But the master server would just probably die at that point.

this game isnt build to handle large amounts of players

Going F2P won't help with player retention, plenty of new players are still joining the problem is they uninstall the game after a few days and never play it again. There hasn't been a major new add-on developer or server host that's joined the game since the launch on Steam in 2013.

This game had an amazing heyday for what it is, hail Blockland. The future of brick-based building games still holds the immense potential, but I will always respect Blockland.

This game had an amazing heyday for what it is, hail Blockland. The future of brick-based building games still holds the immense potential, but I will always respect Blockland.
Blockland isn't losing players because it's out of style its losing players because the people who made original and creative left in the "heyday". Remember when Munk made throwmod for the first time 2011 so why literally 8 years later has throwmod not changed since he made it but it is being hosted. Remember when Zapk popularized rising lava in 2014 and now 5 years later people still host what he created and stopped updating years ago. What about falling platforms literally Minecraft and Roblox strongest parts of there games are their community and creativity. The people that scripted gamemodes themselves and kept that addon private while being the top server are gone. Nowadays everyone hosts something someone already did this bores long-time players so they leave too. I'm excited about nazi zombies because since 2011 no one has fleshed it out into a gamemode before now and that is such a simple but fun gamemode that bl needs right now. Great builders can now make awesome designed layouts and builds and have a gamemode that everyone knows that is fresh and that has replayability.

I for one stopped making addons because in my opinion, I'm wasting my time since the playerbase is dead. If it went F2P, I'd start again. Same can be said for many addon makers. Going F2P will 100% increase the playerbase because theres lots of people (I used to be one) who doesn't have a credit card and relies on forgetin christmas for Steam cards or something, leaving me to only play free games or the paid ones every once in a while.

People stopped hosting great servers because nobody was on to play said server. The most fun I've had while gaming was my Build & Kill server which averaged 20 players. I stopped hosting it because Blockland loving died. If BL were to be revived right at this second, it would still beat the test of time.

In game microtransactions? Sure. Who cares. You can get a cool helmet or chest decal or little charm like we already have in the game. Don't want to spend money? Don't. It doesn't affect you.