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    Carti be like hmmmmmm today i will have my entire album leaked for god who knows how many times
    That's a whole lotta nothing
    These loops doesn't contain the entire songs.

    Accepting requests, i'll try to loop and keep them short as possible

    • A lot on my mind - "I've got a lot on my mind"
    • Home - "Daddy waitin' for it, bring that money home"
    • Long Time (When you learn that not everyone wears snake sweaters) - "I ain't felt like this in a long time"
    • R.I.P Fredo - "Yeah, hittin' that boy with that fire, Ooh brother didn't notice me"
    • R.I.P Yams - "Ouuu"
    • Top - "I'm on the top of the building"
    • New as of December: Big Bank - "Big Bank Bitch Don't Wanna" only downloadable as attachment

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dont care if that pusillanimous individual got some mileage