Author Topic: Im trying to add this roblox 2007 hatpack to be ingame  (Read 956 times)

here is the link to it
 if you can help me please inform me on how to add this to my game

should be in the help section, but what specifically is the issue?

Hatmod_Roblox2007 goes in your add-ons folder

I know it goes in addon folder but when I type /hat (hat name here) it wont load in the hats

if yer running blockland glass make sure to enable hats in server settings man

this hatmod is not in server settings

Hat packs that use the hatmod system don’t appear in the enabling add on list. Simply put the pack in your add ons folder and enable the hatmod system when you start your server.

how do I import the roblox 2007 in the zip file so it spawns ingame

Are you enabling the addons before you start the game? You need to do a custom gamemode and before the game starts it should show you a list of all the addons you can enable or disable.

I am when I type /granthat or /hat ingame it doesn't show

When you type the command does anything show up in the chat?

client not found I used the server mod setup and everything

1) download and any hatmod packs you want
2) put everything in your Add-ons folder, and start Blockland. If it was already open, close it and start again.
3) when you start a server, select Custom and enable the Serve_Hatmod add-on. you wont see any Hatmod_[name] addons, they are automatically loaded into the server by Server_Hatmod
4) Start the server
5) Ingame now you should have the /hat command show what hats you have. If it shows none, enable “Access All Hats” in Blockland Glass or RTB Server Preferences.

you cannot use your hats in other servers unless they have the mod and hatpacks enabled on their server. you can only enable addons and adjust your own server’s hatmod packs.