Author Topic: [news] you can get arrested for owning hentai loli art now.  (Read 6663 times)

oh no, drawn research, just think of the children!
are you this stupid

just think of the children!
then they draw the children

SOLUTION: Ban children.

Anyone who defends loli or shota should be summarily executed with impudence

No trial necessary

brothers quick to get they pitchforks out and be all like "prosecute loli hentai artists for producing cp" but suddenly that line of thinking start hittin differently as soon as i want horror filmmakers thrown in jail for producing obscene snuff films

y'all brothers stupid as forget. what kind of sicko wants to watch a movie where someone gets violently tortured or brutally killed? sounds like someone with the mind of a serial killer to me, should definitely track these people down and throw them in jail before they even have a chance to actually go out and potentially cause some real harm. lock up the writers and directors too, bunch of evil degenerate psychos bringing their sick fantasies to life on the big screen. what kind of irredeemable forget writes a character, brings them to life, only so they can be brutalized for the enjoyment of countless viewers? we gotta get rid of these video nasties before they threaten to cause more harm to movie characters and erode the moral fiber of our country any further. fiction = reality, art must be reigned in and brought under the strict control of the government, culture must be ruled with an iron fist by the state and actively manipulated to protect us all from ourselves. god save the queen. now if you'll excuse me i'll be on my way to the checkout counter with my package of butter knives in one hand and my photo id card in the other while my 12 year old daughter is out getting groomed and raped by someone who the local police force consciously turns a blind eye to because their skin is darker than mine. oh forget one of the coppers who should have been preoccupied with arresting my daughter's rapist is now currently arresting me because i've been watching telly without paying my tv licence fee

(this post brought to you by art defender gang in conjunction with hot take gang and the stuffpost gang/anti-UK gang joint coalition supported by the funding of schizopost gang and viewers like you)

I was going to call you a filthy child enthusiast until I saw that you are anti-UK. forget that stuffty island.

thank you trog, for bringing my joke to its conclusion

time to run away with my 10 terabytes of ashley doujins

I was going to call you a filthy child enthusiast until I saw that you are anti-UK. forget that stuffty island.

you got a loicense for those words?

let da UN pull up on me anything in a blue helmet is catchin these green tips bruh