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Wrench Ghost Bricks - Pretty cool.

Use your wrench on your ghost brick to change the attributes of your ghost brick. Whenever you plant your ghost brick, the attributes will be carried over to that brick.
You can also use /wrenchGhostBrick or /wrenchGhost(pref).
Color FX's and the printer also work on your ghost brick.

The attributes on your ghost brick will also be persistent(pref), so that if your ghost brick gets deleted, it will still keep the same attributes on it.

Download on Blockland Glass
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why not move all the raycasting static shapes out of bounds and then only when someone wrenches put them in the right place to do the raycast check?

Good idea. I didn't think of that.
Better yet, don't even create the static shape at all until they fire their wrench.
I would have just used a ray cast but unplanted bricks don't have a typemask.
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-Blink now works on your ghost brick.
-Ghost brick now only has ray casting when you use your wrench or FX spray near it.
-Fixed a bug that caused your ghost brick to disappear when you turn ray casting off.

Does this mean that if you change something about your ghost brick every brick you place will have that attribute as well?

Does this mean that if you change something about your ghost brick every brick you place will have that attribute as well?
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anybody heard anything anyway good mod : )

wait what how does this even work

wait what how does this even work
When you use your wrench a static shape is made that's the size of your ghost brick that has raycasting and no collision.
When the static shape is hit it counts it as wrenching your ghost brick, which apparently Blockland has pretty much no problem with.
When you plant a brick, the properties from your ghost brick are applied to the brick you plant.

It's basically if you want to plant a bunch of the same brick. Instead of placing a brick, doing what you want to it, and then using the duplicator to duplicate a single brick a bunch of times, you can just modify your ghost brick directly.
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Add a command to reset/clear wrench effects, please.

New update.

- Printer now works on your ghost brick.
- Added /resetGhostBrick, or /resetGhost command to set it's attributes back to default.
You could also just delete your ghost brick and re-place it.

- Printer now works on your ghost brick.

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