Author Topic: ater school special found?  (Read 5561 times)

i do believe you are looking for this

i do believe you are looking for this

HAHAHJAHAHA LOL thans for that bro im gon a playit in class tomorow LOL

*hears one guitar note*

guys its after school special

Where is that full version of Ambient Deep?

has anyone ever found the full version of after school special

no, that is badspot's loop

i did some research several months ago and the band name that made that Mexican music vid is called La Chichi Bigotona.

i don't think the guy that uploaded it actually made it.

the group has a YouTube page too if you look them up

After School Special (and probably every piece of music in Blockland) apparently originates from a royalty-free CD that Badspot purchased in 1996. The true scavenger hunt is to find that CD.