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Built entirely out of default bricks, around 35K in total, about 90% finished..?, Alot of help from Euronymous.

give an x/10 style rating if you'd like~


i like the numbers, you really nailed the font style

this should be the newyears venue

hey i have this build lmao. i don't even remember where i got it from either

Check out all of these people in this thread who claim they havent seen a titty before. I believe them

i looked at me mons tittty when i was feeding as a baby

this should be the newyears venue

I drew alot of inspiration from the ones hosted by Kalphiter, back when most of the download consisted of different music files. instead of hosting an entire day in advance so everyone can download hours worth of useless add-ons.

 so it could work as sort of an alternative new years server, I don't know how to set up the technical stuff but if someone wants to get involved I'll provide builds and whatever else I can.

Is there a save of this? its so nice

does the woman building fly