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Renderman Haunting

Renderman Haunting is a spooky adventure game-mode filled with challenges and mini-games along the way.

Renderman Haunting is an older server that I used to host every Halloween between the years 2013 and 2017. This game-mode is a packaged version of that server. This server went through many revisions, including a complete remake in between, before it reached the state it is in now.

Keep in mind that this is an older work, and I won't guarantee that it will be a high quality experience. You are free to critique it, just know that I've already heard it all for the most part. There are no plans to update this, except for minor patches and bugfixes.

NOTE: A Renderman mod is not included in the package. The game-mode is compatible with nearly every released version of Renderman, so go download one before playing! If you have more than one installed, the game-mode will load all of them.

Build by Lake (14128), Sparky Power (13315), A Random Man (17986), and Blades (15420)
Scripting, eventing, and lore by Lake (14128)
Custom bricks by Sparky Power (13315)

  • An adventure map with a forest, a cave zone to explore, and dark secrets to uncover
  • Saving checkpoints that you can return to
  • Collection challenges
  • Bonus mini-games
  • A wide open freebuild area
  • Usable with most versions of the Renderman mod

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Bonus Zones
Render Shooter v6
Shoot the Renderman statues, rack up points, get better weapons, repeat! Filled with secrets and special abilities at certain milestones, and an extra special reward if your server can rack up a total of 100,000 hits. Be careful, though--Renderman does not take kindly to this activity...

A multi-level maze that gets more difficult as you get further into it. Beware that this was never finished and does not have anything notable at the end.

Render Hall
A neat little reward awaits if you can make it to the end of the seemingly never-ending hallway.

Box v2
How long can you survive against Renderman in this cramped box using nothing but your surroundings?

...and more!
If you make it to the end of the adventure map, there are more bonus zones to check out.

Collection Challenges
The Eight Pages
Relive the days of Slender with this challenge; eight pages are scattered through the forest zone.

The Five ??????
Another challenge awaits past the forest.

The Goblets
Three lost goblets that can only be found in relatively obscure locations.

Download Package 8 MB - Includes the game-mode, music, and 47 required add-ons
Alternate download - Game-mode only

Part of the Renderman Collection
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nice extension to an already nice mod. great work