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why is it so depressing to read over old posts from the good times

hi nal.

i feel like i should do the "thanks for everything" post like the rest of you guys are as it's pretty confirmed that we're on borrowed time, but i don't know yet (also i'm pretty much gone on this forum now, i think my last post was a year ago or so). even typing this post feels weird looking at how the quality of the forum as totally diminished and moderation is pretty much barren aside from people joining on alts to spam the entire forum with gore. it's been a good decade, either way
what's goin on

ever since I had become attached to this forum, all I wanted to do was leave. but looking back on it, I really do regret not stopping and smelling the roses to be totally honest. like, in retrospect, i feel this forum has done more good for me than bad, and i'm sure anyone that has stuck around for this long genuinely feels the same.

looking back on everything that's been posted on here, and there seems to be a huge divide between me saying something behind the clique or a skype group or something, and people get the impression i'm overtly aggressive. to which, I was too young to know otherwise, and I'm sorry for that. it's pretty easily apparent

anyway to people i still talk to from here it's great we do, we've all changed a lot as we've aged. if anyone still wants to reconcile i'm always available

This thread is summoning quite a few people

now those are a few names i havent seen in a while

wtf I thought vigil was shadowsfear

so many returners wtf

so many returners wtf
people never actually leave

they just lurk

if you are reading this and haven't posted in over two weeks you must quote and reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

freek can you please unprivate your videos and make more on your channel
your videos are forgetin ace

do you have a link to that “my life is in shambles” one because I wasn’t looking for it a few months ago

i thought they were unlisted

a while back i could go to his channel and there'd be a playlist