Author Topic: when loading build with items on it, can't pick up items til I replace them  (Read 1449 times)

basically /title

Lets say I load up a save of Kaje's Castle, but I placed rocket Lauchers everywhere on the map. if I shut off blockland, load the save, and try to pick up the rocket launcher, nothing happens until I manually hit every rocket launcher I placed with the wrench and click ok. the items still show up on top of the block, and it's still set to "rocket launcher" but I have to like... reaffirm it? by hitting it with a wrench and clicking ok? I don't want to do this with every item I place down on a build every time I launch a server.

What add-ons do you have enabled?

yeah post a console log or all the addons you enabled for the server. console log is likely easier to post

Also less likely to be as informative in this scenario.
I'd recommended disabling chunks of add-ons in bulk to help narrow down which one is causing it.

doing some testeing now i will say which is the porblem wen i get back

cm11107 i think this but i just havto chek if you havee it to