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Its obvious this game or forums won't last another year, so before it shuts down, I just wanna say thanks to the few people who still browse this place.

Blockland was such a huge part of my life when I first bought it back when I was like 11 or 12. I remember spending a whole year searching "how to play blockland for free" or "free blockland keys" and just playing the offline version where you unplug your ethernet cord to work lmao, until I got my mom to buy it for me. Since then, holy stuff. This game will always have such a deep place in my heart and I'm glad to have been a part of it. Back in 2012, there was nothing like coming home from school and joining one of the freebuilds or Zombie Survivals. I don't think I've ever sunk so many hours into a game in my life, which is crazy to think about seeing as I have almost 3k in Siege. But, this game was, and frankly still is, loving amazing (if people still played it. Fr, just go F2P.) This game has taught me so much about myself, and I've made so many friends. Spending every weekend hunting Renderman or building massive bases to blow up, that was just the best. Blockland was my introduction to PC gaming.

I started making addons for this game in like 2015, which was my first introduction to 3D modelling and coding. In fact, I loved modelling so much, that I'm going to college for CAD and mechanical drafting. Its loving crazy to think that I came to that decision from making guns in a lego game. Made some really cool friends in doing so. (Hey CTrooper, if you're reading this, you're the loving man). I remember starting a server, thinking it would just get a couple of people, but ended up being one of the most popular servers at the time, racking in 20+ people until I had to go to bed, because I hosted it locally. Whenever someone joined for the first time, it lagged the stuff out of my PC lol. I made so many Steam friends asking me "Yo, when are you hosting again?" "you hosting today?"

The forums. This was my stuff back before I discovered other message boards. You losers taught me about computers, how they work, how to build them, why my loving computer wont work, and just general life advice. This stuff has helped me IRL on so many occasions that I really can't thank you guys enough.

Thanks for being such a huge part of my life.

Semi how I have been feeling. I’ve been so busy here and there and sometimes contribute - but now when I try to help out I don’t get responses for the motivation, one of my reasons to not invest as much time on here anymore so I’ve moved onto other games and mainly just gaming and coding practices. I do believe that this game and the forum have been the most help for the past few years until last year (when I got so busy with school and other things to worry about as an adult).
Everyone says this game will die one year later but it’s still here. Every year. Not much of advertisement has been going on like when I first joined maybe one of the reasons for the decline - but not dead.

I feel like eventually there won't be any new content added, as in no new addons, no new servers, and thats due to the reasons you stated. The price gate is too tough for this game and its why we don't get new players, however I am under the idea that Badspot doesn't want to moderate this stuff anymore and wants it to die.

forget man. this almost made me want to tear up. i was actually considering making a post similar to this too, because this game and this loving forum especially has shaped my life in such a weird way. i grew up with it, too. been playing since 2007 or 2008. i'm 21 now; i remember being 13 and lying about my age, saying i was 17 hahah. i've met SO many great people here and i still talk to a bunch of them today. this game is where i got my name duck invaders and i've been using it for everything ever since (@duckinvaders on instagram follow me nerds ;) ) this game is also the reason i'm into everything im into, so graphic design, photography, youtube, all that stuff, and it's the reason i have the job that i have now. couldn't be more thankful for my cyber community that i grew up with. love y'all <3

haha remember those blockland youtube ads to the side of the video

Out of all games Ive owned, I gotta say BL is the best game ever by far

While the community has its obvious flaws, receiving support after posting a gallery topic was an amazing feeling, and in-game the community is pretty cool imo

17/20 of my steam friends are from BL, and I still have small talks with them. My best online friend is from BL

BL made me addicted to games, and while it's a hobby and I don't have any special skills, it has definitely helped me with socializing, growing up as a person, being creative

While most of you may not know who I am, I will instantly recognize most of you by mere username

haha remember those blockland youtube ads to the side of the video
i was just thinking of those. they were on like 1/3 of every loving roblox video, and iirc were what got me interested in the game in the first place. i don't think they were still a thing by the time i started using an adblocker, whatever happened to them?

I remember joining in October 2012 when I was 11 years old and since then it's shaped so many of my interests and I've met so many friends through this game. I joined fairly late in the game's lifetime but I still have amazing memories like spending all of summer 2013 playing Tezuni's jail escape and spending my first few months on this forum. It's crazy to see so many people come and go on these forums and I always find myself browsing old topics to try and pry memories out of my head like playing Blockland on my mum's old Toshiba laptop that averaged 20fps on most servers.

i was just thinking of those. they were on like 1/3 of every loving roblox video, and iirc were what got me interested in the game in the first place. i don't think they were still a thing by the time i started using an adblocker, whatever happened to them?
I'm pretty sure I discovered Blockland when I heard about it on a video from this series.
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I found out about blockland through the youtube ads too. No game really shaped me the way BL did, since it was my first online game. Even though the game's on its way out, I still talk to a bunch of people that I met though it, so it's like a part of the game is still alive, which makes me really happy lol

guess I’ll join the circle time lol
been playing this game for nearly half my life now, my forums account is older than my social life and my 10 longest standing friends are from here. pretty stupid thinking about it considering I never kept up with people that I knew irl before I moved away, but it works I guess lol. not like my instagram hasn’t been posted here before now against my volition so there’s really no more harm done in saying to add me @dumbmattt. would love to keep up with some of yall hoes and it’s actually pretty cool to me
anyways. a lot of people here shaped my role models, political views, personal values, and just basic methods of life. fully blame the lot of you for me being a gay scalie lol, and I definitely would’ve been a lot more alone in my life if it weren’t for a select few people I met here
for that matter, if anyone in the northern va/western maryland area wanted to grab coffee I’d definitely be down

this stuff made me gay and angry but at least it made me creative

thank you blockland. without this game i would have never learned how to have thick skin and be violent productively.

thank you to everyone except lego lad for getting erect watching jurassic park, grimlock for being texan, akio for bog and cappy for being toxic. forget you cappy i hate you - with love