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holy forget the building zone thing is loving genius why didnt i think of that

redpikmin's ctf were the winning team of the month or something would get upgrades to their base

Heedicalking’s servers

my own server from when i first joined BL in 2013 - present day because most of my blockland memories are on there. i can probably write a whole book about my experiences on my server if i wanted to lmao
some merp server that i cant remember who hosted it but i built this little city on back in like 2017:

vixenarious's freebuild
Tezuni's everything
various rp servers
that deathmatch where you get some random guns/weapons (there were about 2 or 3 of them i recall joining)

Pour one out for my man Cucumberdude

All of Bushido’s servers
Tezuni’s dogfight soley for the time Betelgeuse Ravencroft and I used the compass mod to get the exact coordinates to hit the other teams base with cluster rounds, and racked up over 150 kills per 3-4 deaths each
Heed’s DM’s
Nigerian Cunts clan servers
Woke Island
Redpikman11’s tank battlefield

Bushido's servers.
HeedicalKing's servers.
Patrick Star's Space MERP

i got a lotta tight memories from all up and fooling in sherifs servers, though mega bears cape glorie was probably the stuff for me this year

That guy who mainly did those space RP's, I remember playing his jail escape that he wouldn't host too often.

I also remember this really old prison escape that had a main square room with a bunch of doorways leading to different things, like the yards, cells, armoury, death row and such.

And finally, a load of RP servers from back in the day - I was pretty much a slut for them and I don't know why, I still do fancy a bit of roleplay here and there but not much can really scratch that itch these days.

Pour one out for my man Cucumberdude
a bit offtopic but this guy found my youtube channel waaay back in 2011 when i first started it and i remember he left like one or two comments that were rly nice and that was so cool to me back then because he was the first commenter and subscriber that wasn't already one of my friends. rly appreciated that as a kid and it gave me motivation to keep going. he didnt have to do it considering my videos back then were very stuff and i had the worst voice ever but it was a rly nice thing to do to a kid. tysm dude if ur reading this

Viso's randomizer
Battlemix, Tournaments
Tezuni servers
Meta knight's speedkart and anthonyrules144's speedkart
Deokotaru's freebuild from like 2013
8's servers from 2014ish i think
Mongler's vehicle server
a couple stuffty servers i hosted from 2013-2014

hank's & plornt's jailrp

hank's & plornt's jailrp

but also

reinforcement's jail rp
red guys mining
glass' falling platforms
somebodys(?) challenge run
Winner's throw mod
Zorro_Limit's Paintball
murder mystery
pecon's boss battles
crown's challenge & jail rp
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Plz put jailbreak up again father crown:(

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