Author Topic: Whamageddon 2019 (GAME HAS ENDED)  (Read 6247 times)

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if you got 80's parents you're forgeted

I literally can't recognize it so I'm guaranteed to win lmao


imagine living in december, this post was made by pacific coast gang

last christmas? as in, the 'i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away' song?

holy stuff i remember this
you loving pulled this stuff last year too didnt you

didnt get me this time though

tfw my workplace added Christmas music to the rotation today and I heard Last Christmas. lost the challenge on day 1

does it count if I heard it in oct or nov

I've made a script to automatically block the popular youtube videos from being opened by forcefully closing them. Requires Tampermonkey, only works if something is opened in your browser.