Author Topic: It's time to bring out the festive avatars.  (Read 303 times)

Let the festivizations begin! The person with the most festive avatar wins absolutely nothing.

you win my eternal devotion

can som 1 maked me one use this

well, made a thing
then shrunk it to 75x75 and it looks funky
have fun with it :cookieMonster:


how does one make my avatar festive?

didn't realize you'd actually use it as an avatar
fixed up some of the outlines
and fixed my transparency script to convert the type of image so it actually works now

and put a hat on donald's ass
poor donald
perhaps turning the plunger into a tree might've been a better idea
or maybe not, donald definitely would not approve

paralyze my eyeball and put a needle through it to accomplish the biopsy

someone find me a raptor wrapped in christmas lights and ill do it. otherwise no can do holmes

forget it ill bite

last time i used this avatar was 2015
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I guess it is cold enough now.