Author Topic: tell funny stories about stuffty servers  (Read 1889 times)

most of the stuffty servers i've been to were mine. back when I was a raging, brainless fnaf fan boy. i used to get so loving triggered whenever people said fnaf sucks that i'd ban them permanently on the spot. thankfully those dark days are behind me now.

This Left 4 Block server from 2016 that was just one stufftily built base, and two small islands; the rest of the map was just water. Most of the games were easy wins if you just went in a car and drove off into the distance.
The funny thing wasnt the server, but the fact that I got drama'd for being a rabid 12 year old.

a long time ago i gave someone super admin because he asked for it

he permabanned everyone in the server

I was playing a CityRPG amd it was lagging real bad so I convinced an admin to /clearspambricks which destroyed all the lots

I remember I was really into Jailbreak servers for a while and was disappointed when Tezuni's was the only one that was hosted after a certain point.
Same thing with some dogfight servers, those were peak Blockland and then eventually only like one was ever hosted with barely anyone on it.

this post would probably have gotten me banned a year ago but to hell with it.

i remember a long ass time ago i joined some server where this guy was building a FNaF server. i was building some tower on a 16x16 baseplate when the host just straight up deleted it and was calling me names. i didnt understand why cause other people were building too. anyways. i built it again and he cleared it again. at this point i was pretty pissed so i put 1x1 plates around his build and painted them green to blend in with the ground. all of these plates were named something like "ebola." i went over to my buddies build which was kinda far away and put a button down so that it would just gore explode all the bricks labeled "ebola."

now right before i was gonna press it, the host cleared all of the bricks. at this point i was like "ok whatever i guess hes just gonna close the server or something." but then he proceeds to load the build back with my bricks still there. at this point i figured out that this kid had just integrated my trap into his save. so what did i do next?

host went crazy, cleared everything, loaded it again. my bricks were still there. so i hit it again, and again, and again. eventually he just gave up and started from scratch cause he was too stupid to find out the cause of the problem.

also, a couple of years ago this guy spammed the forums and got banned. i didn't even know it was him until he called me out saying he was gonna get me back.