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aka another loving fnaf clone electric boogaloo

spongesquat is a five nights at freddy's spoof created in blockland i made because i felt like it (mostly because i used to do this all the time back in 2016 and wanted to relive da childhood). it is made using almost entirely default blocks and events. you are trapped in an office in an abandoned building of unknown origin, and using the facility's surveillance cameras and remotely operated doors, you must protect yourself from the monsters (spongebob) for five nights of increasing difficulty.

the build itself was made in 3 days on and off and the 'AI' of the monsters (literally just them moving from room to room i cant give myself too much credit) took 2 days on and off; if i was more dedicated i could've finished this thing in under a day tops.

the four monsters (spongebob patrick mr krabs and squidward) will travel from room to room en route to your office, and upon entering they will attempt to kill you (if you're in a minigame that is! i thought that'd be cooler than just resetting the minigame)

unfortunately since im not very smart with eventing there isn't a power system; the doors can remain shut for as long as you really want so if you want to play please keep that in mind. don't be boring lol


if anyone actually wants to play this (or they just want the build) could yall tell me how to upload saves? the only mods you need are the spongebob playertypes and the camera events, the rest is stock.
once someone tells me and i do it i'll put da links here

(also forget the camera events they slow as stuff)

(possible spoilers?) a stuffty, indepth guide/tutorial

I could rig up a power system for you with VCE

If you give me a time and date or just contact me on like discord or steam I can set it up for you whenever.

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