Author Topic: Trouble With Crashing when try host server  (Read 309 times)

When i normally starting server, blockland process starting not respond. Waiting like 50 secs and blockland unfreezes and blockland closes instantly without anything warning or alert.
I trying again host server, same thing and closes instantly. Doing disabling five addons, doing same things and same trouble.
Here's console log after crash, also when i loading freebuild gamemode without less addons, i am not expecting anymore problem. Maybe problem in addons but i don't know. So i need help.

try disable brick/-logic

dont press any keys or stuff while blockland is frozen loading addons. wait until it starts responding again. you can check progress by looking at the console window - it will show all the addons being executing and when stages of loading are complete

also as a general debugging step, i'd recommend seeing if it crashes with only defaults enabled
if it still crashes, then try with a clean install
if it's crashing on a clean install, then you really have issues, otherwise it's likely an addon

When i tried on my 7 try to launch server. i got other error.
Here's image.