Author Topic: Alternate Letter Prints  (Read 1488 times)

i showed off some of these in BCC and took some requests
to use these, drop them in your Add-Ons folder like normal, disable Print_Letters_Default and enable one of these.

im aware the preview icons aren't updated

this is what i use to generate these if you want to make your own! edit the style portion of index.html and load it in a browser, use #render at the end of your browser's address bar to render out previews of all characters, and #save to download all 53 generated images (i'd advise that you have your browser auto-download somewhere, it gets a little dicey). extract/copy-paste/etc Print_Letters_Default, drag all generated images into "prints" within it, and boom. (some fonts may require some manual tinkering)

i like the bkocland font

its so wrong yet so right

hey cool more fonts :D thanks tbp