Author Topic: I see flashing things, I think the blockland steam game is corrupting  (Read 450 times)

Ok so I launch the blockland steam game and choose custom, and when the game starts. i can see my items are like corrupting like vinesauce super mario 64 corruptions, My spraypaint was corrupting too but idk what is going on. also the blockland steam game in the taskbar. It didn't show the b icon logo, It shows the none logo.

does it do this on a clean install?

It didn't show the b icon logo, It shows the none logo.
this part sounds kind of like a full hard drive
windows does weird things when that happens

are you on a mac or using old intel graphics cards? iirc macs/those cards have some problems rendering blockland, resulting in visual artifacts like you described.

launching in taskbar/no icon is normal/not a problem - blockland's steam integration isnt the best and ive had that happen to me before without any issues.

not sure if this is related to an nvidia issue where blockland spits out the latest version of graphic drivers. consider rolling them back, or reinstalling the game altogether.