Author Topic: New Duplicator 1.6.2 + Minor Bugfix  (Read 984 times)

I posted this before, but the links are out of date and I can't modify it.  So I'm posting it again.

I found a minor bug with the New Duplicator.
Quote from: server.cs
Line 192 =     $Pref::Server::ND::FillBricksAdminOnly = %fillBricksAdminOnl;

%fillBrickAdminOnl should be %fillBricksAdminOnly

This bug causes the /fillBricks command to revert to being non-admin-only after any server restart.
I talked to Zeblote about the bug and he was unwilling/unable to update the live version.

If you are having issues with this bug, you can probably fix it yourself, or you can download a fixed version here:

could you also fix the bug where if the duplicator is admin only and the symmetry table is not created any user can do a mirror command and create the table

imagine telling people to package an entire function just because you can't be assed to type a single character
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but why restrict fillbricks

Restrict fillbricks for any game in Blockland where the areas people are be allowed to build in, or the bricks people are allowed to use to build, should be limited.

Like in a CityRPG, or a Building Contest, or Fortwars.

but they restrict fillbricks while using hackplant which isnt restricted

fillbricks can be used to use supercut without admin, and also can be used to crash servers cause its not particularly efficient

theres alot of little bugs that should be addressed

Seeing this name again hit me right in the nostalgia.