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Ok, I went to arrest someone, I hit them, then i got on their horse, which led to Horse Theft. So I got to the PD went in the thing, and I jailed myself! But could you make icking up a person with F or another Key?

Why? You can pick up with E, and throw off with CTRL+E. What's wrong with that?

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Just alter it under options.


Go to controls. The two commands are Action and Stop Action

Change them to F and Ctrl+F if you want.

I think this guy is talking about getting on another's horse while trying to pick him up. They are both the same function, so it would require a mod, wich = difficult at the moment


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You only get on the horse if you're aiming at it, but you will pick up the a body if you are just near it.  So the solution is to look away from the horse and press E. 

There isn't really a prefect solution, I could make it so picking up bodies takes priority over getting on a horse, but then it would be really hard to get on your horse when there are bodies near by. 

Well, I suppose I could make it so that if a police officer clubs a criminal, then they're allowed to get on that criminal's horse without it counting as theft.