.50 Machine Gun

- Heating, barrel will visibly glow red and shoot faster as it heats up, can jam at high heat, can cook-off
- Ammo, can be manually reloaded, belt will visually deplete as you run out of ammo
- Press E to stand up, useful to shoot downwards if needed
- Cool sounds (don't tell offworld industries)
- Fast projectiles
- stuff go boom

Might make a higher stand version for technicals

I don't like features
Type this in console
$Pref::RHMG_Heating = false; - Disable overheating
$Pref::RHMG_Ammo = false; - Disable ammo
$Pref::RHMG_Jamming = false; - Disable jamming
$Pref::RHMG_SitStand = false; - Disable sitting/standing
$Pref::RHMG_FastProjectile = false; - Disable fast projectiles

Known issue: There's some way to cause the reload animations to play on-top of each other like 50 times that I still can't replicate
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just dowloaded it is very good

This is great, but I have a suggestion. But can you make those Console commands server RTB/BLG prefs?

Edit: There's a bug where the console will say "Add-Ons/Weapon_RHMGs/server.cs (101): Unable to find object: '' attempting to call function getDataBlock" if the player dismounts the machine gun while it's reloading.
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Fixed console error. Prefs changed in the console will be saved after Blockland closes, which serves the same purpose as glass/rtb prefs

Wait, this is practically the Technical machine gun add-on with a smaller stand.
The smaller stand is a good addition though.

why is there jamming...

I like how it jams like real life. Good job Robot 👍

Hey Bushidocore brylexes... There's the door.

New technical and hmg with a higher stand

You can mount the B version to any vehicle to have it act as a technical if you don't like the one provided

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