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damn your hotline miami characters on @VeeDoesNSFW? straight trash.
>not wanting to tit forget the goat mom.

we're in 2020 now bro.. these types of opinions are not woke anymore.

DAAAAAAMN bruh I make one hotline miami reference and small rooster makes my twitter public BIG F moment

Life is parallel to hell but I must maintain

Fake Umbalite, no love. You get the slug... CB4 GUSTO!

To my man Joshtbo GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE!

Good night! We love you!

Yeah tell me who's simpin' then then plus.
Joshtbo you know he's simpin'
Yo, HotPocket, ya know he's simpin'!
Yo Ayebee you KNOW he's here simpin'.

We be the infamous, you heard of us, official Queensbridge Accusers

I like how i thought the forums couldn't get any worse a couple days ago and boy how wrong i was badspot holy stuff just pull the trigger and give them what they want

what the forget happened with this topic