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Based on the original mod, "Item_parachute", which was modeled by Pandan-MtnDew and scripted by Aloshi.
Original mod not required.

This mod uses the same models from the original parachute add-on, but has a completely revised script and mechanics.
New features:
  • Using the parachute Item will now mount you to an invisible bot.
  • No more changing datablock when you use the parachute.
  • Plays the sitting animation while parachuting.
  • Your parachute can be broken by being shot.
  • Use Right-Click to remove your active parachute.
  • Touching the ground or vehicles removes your active parachute.
  • Crashing into something (somehow) removes your active parachute.
  • Landing in water removes your active parachute.
  • Using the parachute item (succesfully) removes it from your inventory. (Glass Preference to toggle this feature on/off.)
  • Events added for the Player target to start and stop parachuting.

Bug reports and feedback are always welcome, but i cannot guarantee that i will update this often.
If you find a bug, please tell me how to reproduce the issue. :)

Dropbox - Item_ParachutePack v1.1.0
Blockland Glass - Item_ParachutePack v1.1.0


Version 1.1.0
(New) Features:
* Changed name from "parachute" to "Parachute Pack", sorry for that.
* Lowered Drag and Upped the AirControl, you fall slightly faster but can move more freely in the air.
* Added Bot Target events for startParachute and stopParachute.
* Improved script:
   * Now less crash-prone, specifically when using the no-remove option for the item.
   * Jetting disables you from deploying your parachute (also prevents the event from creating your parachute).


If the image is broken, whatever, it is a very simple model, but it is all i have for now.

HeightControl Version 2 coming soonTM. Backwards compatibel!
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Good addon. Though is it me, or are dropbox links the ones that always seem to do go down throughout the years?

Good addon. Though is it me, or are dropbox links the ones that always seem to do go down throughout the years?

dropbox removed public folders a few years ago without keeping existing links, basically breaking countless links all over the internet

Update available through Dropbox!
The update is still pending approval on Glass.

Noticeable changes:
* Item name changed from "parachute" to "Parachute Pack".
* More aircontrol and less drag (fall faster but move more freely in the air).
* No-remove option more stable now, had a high risk to crash users/hosts due to some technical issues.
* StartParachute and StopParachute events can now be used on bots as well!

Glass update is approved