Author Topic: blockland forums turns 15 next month  (Read 471 times)

I am older than the forum, das ist gut.

Woah.... as it turns out... Most people who are still posting on this website happen to be born before 2005
Shocking development guys, keep the conversation running!

maybe the forums can finally get a drivers license

it's loving me up how the forums are older than i was when i first joined them; in five more years they'll be twice the age i was when i made my first account. i am going to murder father time

*Perambulates to computer*
*Presses on button on computer*
*Cracks knuckles*
Time to type in my password...
*Types in my password*
*Double clicks on Microsoft Windows Explorer desktop icon*
Hmm... today I will post on the blockland forum.
*Types double u double u double u dot blockland dot us slash smf*
*Clicks on off-topic*
*Clicks on "Blockland forums turns 15 next month" thread*
*Clicks on Reply*
*Adjusts tie*
*Adjusts megaphone*
*Stretches neck*

I am above the age of 15