Author Topic: what's your morning routine??  (Read 334 times)

i generally wake up at 8:30am and stay in bed until 9. shower, shave, coffee, and then I check my email before work. how about you fellow early bird

wake up
sit in front of computer

wake up
go back to sleep

as of the past couple of days:
wake up
play aoe2
eat breakfast when i feel like it

Try not to wake up
Get up have a drink
Fix something for supper
Eat supper
Lie on the couch and drink

i get up around seven
get outta bed around nine
and i don't worry about nothing, no, 'cause worrying's a waste of my time

weekdays: hit the snooze button several times, get up, pour my coffee (i have a programmable coffee maker that i set the night before), sip my coffee while i do my morning skincare, log my morning weight, get dressed, pack my backpack for the day, grab a granola bar on my way out the door

weekends: sleep in dummy late, finally roll out of bed and do some floor workouts, do a light skincare routine while i wait for coffee to brew

i comically spit into my hands and slick back my hair before i bike to my place of work where i get paid 80 cents a day to peddle candy and confections to rich kids