Author Topic: Trouble finding and downloading Cohort team city saves  (Read 143 times)

Hey guys! I've been a Block land zombies map modifier enthusiast for a while, and by that I mean that I love to take existing saves, and modify them to fit the endless zombies game mode to play by myself or with friends. Lately I've been looking at the cohort team city builds and I can't seem to find the save files of Blocko Seattle or Utopia City. I know those saves were released a while back and seeing as from my experience that the cohort website has been put down (as in I cant seem to access it, it just says that the domain does not exist) If any of you guys have these maps, especially Blocko Seattle, Please let me know! I'd greatly appreciate it!!! :nes: :nes: (P.S. If you guys have any other saves besides those that oyu tihnk would be dope endless zombie maps I'd appreciate those as well!)