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Over the past year or so I've been working on recreating the world from the Red Dead Redemption series in Blockland, mainly focusing on West Elizabeth. This is a giant terrain build with no real end goal and very sporadic progress. I originally started this as a proof of concept for modter builds but it's honestly been pretty fun so I've just kept working on it in my free time. Some things (like paths) don't look as good as they probably should in order to save brick count. I apologize for the stuffty screenshot quality though, my laptop is ass.

Overview Pics

Tall Trees

Aurora Basin

Manzanita Post

Beginnings of Blackwater

Great Plains (most meh area imo)

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Huge fan of both games and you definitely did them justice. Looks great. Would sincerely recommend you make some open world game on the map, know Iíd be playing it for a while.

Thanks Blockhead31735, I really appreciate it. I occasionaly host while building so you might be able to mess around the map a bit, as barren as it is at the moment. I'm definitely considering hosting Western themed gamemodes though - and releasing the map when I've decided I've had enough lol.

nice work this looks huge!

Yea definitely would stop in. No doubt a good amount of time could be spent just exploring the world and taking it all in. Feel like I have seen this before but donít recall it being anywhere near the level it currently is so am excited to see where it will go.