Author Topic: [iPhone]'s City RPG  (Read 261 times)

The problem is that whenever someone joins the server it crashes their game.

I am almost certain that someone dropped a load of small bills on the ground rapidly, causing everyone's connection to drop.
If this is the issue, I'm not sure if there is a time limit until the bills respawn, doesn't seem like there is one.

If someone knows a way to get around this and (hopefully) find and pick up the dropped money OR can get a hold of [iPhone] or Dionysus that would be very much appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any negative opinions about City RPGs I would love to hear them. (Just kidding, forget you)

This is exploding in my console when i am spawning in.

base/client/scripts/allClientScripts.cs (8223): Unable to find object: '' attempting to call function 'getColor'
BackTrace: ->PlayGui::onRender->PlayGui::loadPaint->PlayGui::FadePaintRows->PlayGui::FadePaintRow