Author Topic: Any original 2009-2012 players still active on here?  (Read 4533 times)

original account never been deactivated gang represent

can i join the gang i have no alts despite acting like a special ed student high on ketamine

yea hi 2012* player here still popping my head in both the game and forums from time to time

*probably 2011? im not sure so im just gonna stick with 2012 for now

I remember having a lot of fun making mods back in the day. There aren't many games now that were as fun as the server I hosted on BL back in the day.

well dang 2008 is not on the title so guess im not active

march 31 2007
been here since before some of y'all were born wtf
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09 gang but I started playing the game online back in 2011. :cookieMonster: :cookie: