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As of 4/9/20, I'm working on another film for the Blockbusters clan. My last Blockland film was a recreation of a radio skit from GTA IV, filmed and edited entirely by me; watch it here:

Update: 4/15 - Casting closed.

Film Description:
Synopsis: The film is set to take place in the Golden Age of Piracy, focusing on a gang of smugglers who steal a British vessel sailing the Atlantic Sea, yet are apprehended by the British Navy, and are forced to dock in an unfamiliar setting - The Caribbean. The gang encounters a long time rival crew of Pirates, and the two duke it out; winner controls the rival crew's port.

About the Film: It's in early stages right now, and most likely could be entirely completed - sound design and post production included - by next week. I'm thinking that the film should be around 5-7 minutes long. It isn't going to be entirely dependent on historical accuracy, so we have room to tell a fantastical tale.

Take a look at the sets we have so far. Made by Cowtastic and I.

Roles: Casting closed!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, I don't get too many of those so I'll have an easy time sorting your contacts out.
Also join the Blockbusters Productions' discord server to get involved with the film making process:

*Some of this information may be subject to change later on as the film develops and if ideas shift.
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you get a 4 star rating

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