Hydric has Normal, S and RS versions, what would you prefer?

Keep these as customization parts (bumpers, sideskirts, spoilers you can change in the same car)
6 (42.9%)
Keep them as separate variants with different stats (more speed for S and even more for RS, plus some extra trim details)
8 (57.1%)

Total Members Voted: 14

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Are you planning to remake the 1969 Dodge Charger?

Are you planning to remake the 1969 Dodge Charger?
I don't plan to anytime soon.

Working on the different parts of the Hydric, the Normal, S and RS parts.



RS (Still have to do the RS Sides)

It's finally in the game!

And here is a comparison between it and the original 2014 model.

I Like these subtle touches, like it feels different yet it also feels the same at the same time

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This makes me moist.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, here's the Hydric Rally Spec!

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Due to some unknown reasons, I'm having technical difficulties with the light system and I can't find out why, so I have to scrap it or else the cars won't be able to be released, those issues affects the customization support breaking it completely, and I still coudn't figure out why and it's been like this for months, which made me got unmotivated to keep working on the cars hence why I've been absent these last two months, but I feel that it's not a feature that is used often anyway so I decided it would be best to scrap the lights and make the cars working like they should.

So with that in mind I'm sorry about hyping up with the lights system but I can't release those vehicles with those errors, unless in the future we figure out a way to make it work properly, then I'll update the cars via Blockland Glass with this feature back.

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Have you tried asking around to see if there's any well knowledged coders who can help fix the problem?

Have you tried asking around to see if there's any well knowledged coders who can help fix the problem?
I tried with NightHawk but he coudn't figure out why, and Teneksi already left the game a while ago.

Anyway the issue is that all the customization parts of the car gets revealed at the same time, so the car looks like an overlapping mess, and a console error shows up that says "Unable to find function Garage_AddParts", but that function is clearly in the vehicle that uses it, I currently have 4 vehicles using that lights system, but one or two of them gets affected by this issue, and I've noticed that sometimes they work normally if I disable some other vehicles, but this is random and I can't figure out the root of this problem.

This is such a specific issue that I'm not sure anyone could figure out why.
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