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is this a teaser for EMW3 or an update to EMW2
this looks like love
its the closest thing you're ever going to get to love in your life, barring love itself. i know you be crushing pusillanimous individual highkey king but this emw2 pusillanimous individual will crush you
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i just noticed EMW 1+2 did not have a shotgun in it

who needs more content when you can simply have less :P

hush don't cry, the pdw is here to fill all your underpowered shotgun niche needs. until i upload the official emw2 shotgun coming soomtm

where's the shotgun bpal

all these apex guns are names wrong

this just in: two based shotguns have been spotted lurking around phantos' hard drive... i wonder what they'll do next? coming soomtm

phantos' motivation to finish this pack also coming soomtm to a lego forum near you