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"The most ambitious sequel ever" - nobody
"Mindblowing... exhilarating... a must-download" - also nobody
"Ignore the below post; use sketchup" - me

  Peacekeeper:  Fully automatic service rifle with good range and damage output.

  Marksman:  Designated marksman rifle with high damage and range.

  Antimat:  It's a double barreled sniper. Deals triple damage against people named 'Mat'.

  PDW:  Rapid-fire machine pistol with great close quarters capabilities.

  Machinerifle:  The perfect LMG for all your machineguny needs. Takes a while to rev up.

  Sidearms:  Dual-wielded hanguns with balanced range and damage output.

machine rifle:
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ignore this dork and subsricbe to khans weaponset

i'll be sure to shill for this if you include a gun that allows you to slingshot yourself after a short charge period

ignore this dork and subsricbe to khans weaponset
subsricbe this dork and ignore to khans weaponset

the long awaited sequel is finally here

now featuring: firing sounds that do not suck

seriously listen to the fire sounds

Where's the focus beam

Very tasty. Will definitely be using these.

Models, sounds, and visual effects are all dope. No surprise there. Great job.

My issue is that the weapons except for the Antimat Rifle seem a tad anemic. They have slow projectiles and low damage, which combined with their spread gives them a very high TTK that increases greatly past close range. The only exception is the DMR, which does deal respectable damage and has good ballistics to boot. However, the PDW... jeeze. I think it's made completely obsolete by any other gun.

My biases here are that I tested these on stationary bots at various ranges on the default two castle build, and that I like really overpowered guns. Hope you enjoyed my blog.

thank you, thats really insightful